5 Lessons entrepreneurs learn from the Movie 'Air'.

5 Lessons entrepreneurs learn from the Movie 'Air'.

Think differently from others:

  • Nike couldn't afford many players, so they took a risk and focused on signing Michael Jordan instead of multiple average players.

Question for you.... HAVE YOU GONE ALL IN, IN THAT 1 IDEA?

  • See what others can't see:
  • Sonny Vaccaro recognized Jordan's potential before anyone else by noticing his skills and confidence.

Question for you... Are you being observant enough to notice the hidden gold around you? (this may mean you have to look hard so you can see what others cannot see)

  • Don't let doubt hold you back:
  • Jordan initially wanted Adidas or Converse, but Sonny persisted in pursuing him despite skepticism.

Question for you: Are you willing to look past your fear and pull the freaking trigger!?

  • Be adaptable:
  • Nike had to be flexible and accept Jordan's demand for a cut of every sneaker sold, even though it was unconventional.

Question for you: How much are you willing to pivot to let success enter your world? Are you set in your ways, or will you adapt and win?

  • Internal politics can hinder success:
  • Sonny faced resistance, but his bold actions, like approaching Jordan's mother directly, helped seal the deal.

Question for you: Perfection kills production. Will you fall in line, or break the status quo, even when people call you stupid, a loser, or hopeless? You need to believe in yourself.

  • The power of storytelling:
  • Nike closed the deal with an inspiring speech from Sonny instead of traditional presentations or videos.

Do you remember Sonny's speech? Did he focus on the shoe? On the brand? On the Company? NO. Sonny looked into Michael's eyes and transferred energy. When energy gets transferred a sale gets made.

Its safe to say,

"Air" delivers invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs seeking to soar to new heights. By thinking differently, embracing determination, adapting to change, and leveraging the power of storytelling, you can make it happen!

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