DuckDuckGo's Windows Browser Available in Public Beta

DuckDuckGo's Windows Browser Available in Public Beta

It's finally here - the Windows rollout of the most popular privacy-focused browser.

DuckDuckGo has captured about 2% of the worldwide search engine market share and is the 2nd most popular search engine on mobile devices in the US. If you haven't heard of DuckDuckGo, here are some unique features we'd like to share:

  • Web and app tracking protection
  • Built-in video player designed to protect users from tracking cookies and personalized ads when watching YouTube (DuckPlayer)
  • AI-powered summarization feature (DuckAssist)
  • Secure password management
  • Private syncing across devices
  • Smarter Encryption
  • Private Search
  • Email Protection

While Mac users have enjoyed the open beta of DuckDuckGo for the last 9 months, Windows users are excited for their turn - especially with DuckAssist. The new AI feature uses natural language technology from OpenAI and Anthropic.

This year, the boom in AI tools and emphasis on how they impact the user experience has made it apparent that search engines, social media apps, and other companies all need to continue improving upon their technologies and processes. The key to having a long-term business will always be constant innovation and adaptation.

In addition to DuckDuckGo, here's a list of notable search engines that have started introducing AI features to their users:

  • Google Bard
  • Microsoft Edge Copilot
  • Bing AI Chat (for select Chrome users)

Moreover, DuckDuckGo also intends to make improvements in the following areas:

  • Faster startup performance
  • Ability to pin tabs
  • HTML bookmark import
  • Fire Button options

In a world where 85% of popular sites have third-party trackers, you might want to take online privacy a little more seriously when choosing a browser.