YouTube Lowers the Barrier to Qualify for its Partner Program

YouTube Lowers the Barrier to Qualify for its Partner Program

Owlfredo's Takeaway

  • YouTube creators can now earn money with 500 subscribers and three public uploads in the last 90 days.

YouTube announced on June 13, 2023, that they're lowering the requirements for creators to get access to monetization tools under the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). To qualify for the partner program, you must have:

  1. 500 subscribers
  2. 3 public uploads in the last 90 days
  3. 3,000 watch hours in the past year OR 3 million short views in the last 90 days

These changes are being made in an effort to make it easier for more creators to earn money from their videos. YouTube is also expanding its shopping affiliate program to U.S.-based creators who are part of YPP and have more than 20,000 subscribers.

The new eligibility criteria currently apply in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The changes to the YouTube Partner Program are a big deal for creators. Lower requirements might even lead to a boom in new and creative content on YouTube.
Therefore, by increasing the incentive for its creators, YouTube is making itself more attractive to both creators and viewers alike.

What's Next?
YouTube is still in the early stages of rolling out the new eligibility criteria. It'll be interesting to see how the changes impact the platform in the coming months...